*i pinned*

{i pinned this last night and was sad to see there was no link to it's original owner. i'd like to have this hanging in my house...to help remind me the dreams i have will come true. tomorrow marks 10 months waiting for our precious little guy. i envisioned him riding in the back of my car the other day. i heard his little giggle. made my heart skip a beat. i'm hoping b and i get an update soon. we haven't seen an updated picture of Ollie Yu since November..it would be nice to see how much he's changed and if he got a hair cut.
this week has been pretty amazing. i've made some new friends who've helped me realize we are not alone in this waiting game. there is one in particular that ways heavily on my mind. i'm hoping this month will be her month! she has waited long enough (this month marks 1 year waiting).
i think we are all hoping and praying and crossing our fingers and toes that next week will be the start of the EP process. until then...i hope you all have a wonderful weekend!}

{pinned here...if you know the source of this print...please let me know. thanks!}
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