{with our house going off the market at the end of the month...i really want to give our bedroom a little face lift. you might remember we gave our bedroom a new look back in 08...so i think it's time for a little change. my idea is to repaint the walls a soft grey (picture above shown in HC-170), keep our exisiting light fixtures (no longer available at pb), get a new rug (cabin stripe) and pick out some new bedding. i pulled these pictures together to show b and give him an idea on what i was thinking. he loved the idea. yay! now that i pulled all this together...i'm ready to start...but we need to wait just a little longer. so now that we have to wait...my mind is wandering and thinking about other possible projects like painting the living room and the cabinets in the kitchen...getting new pendants for the island...oh i could go on...}
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