*11 months ago...*

{we saw our son for the very first time. i can still remember that day! such joy and so much excitement with a little bit of nerves. as soon as we saw his picture though, any nerves we had washed away. his picture took our breath away. he was so peaceful and so very beautiful. it would be a month until we saw those sweet little eyes open...but seeing our son for the first time made the 21+ months waiting all worth it. we fell in love with him and our love for Oliver has grown stronger each and every month we've waited for him. yesterday, after 11 months waiting...we found out that our son will finally be coming home! we were EP submitted!! WE ARE SO OVERJOYED!!!!
thank you to everyone who prayed for us and for our sweet Oliver...our prayers (and yours) were answered!!! Oliver will be coming home in a matter of weeks...not months now!}
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