*time to get things done!*

{as we were waiting for Monday's news to arrive...my friend Kris was in town visiting us (still promise to share those pictures with you!). once she heard that there was a possibility we would be getting an EP this week...she whipped us in gear. tags were taken off of Oliver's clothes, toys finally came out of their plastic wrappers and shopping/to do lists were made (thanks Kris!). yesterday, i spent the morning sorting Oliver's clothes and last night we started the many loads of little bitty clothes to be washed. it's so exciting to see these little things being done! we can start to cross things off of the huge list we've made. i hope we get them all done before our little guy steps into his home for the first time....eee...just writing that makes my heart leap! our mission is to finish his room so hopefully soon i will have pictures to share! until then...we've got to keep moving...so HAPPY to be doing all these things....finally!}
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