*getting close*

{we are very close to finishing Oliver's room. we crossed off a lot of items on our "to do" list this week..yahoo! Oliver's light was hung this week and i have to say...it's super cute! we also go his curtains in the mail on Tueday and started to hang some artwork...it's finally coming together after all this time. we are digging things out of his closet and dusting them off. sigh...feels good! we just need a couple more things...like a 8' curtain rod and oh...uh...one last big thing...we still need to get his bike print framed (no biggie though). i think we'll have his room done (or at least super close) by next week! eeeee!!! i'm getting beyond excited...actually i'm getting super anxious and yet a little guarded still. we are praying with all our might that the Ministry keeps to their word and approves the batch of EPs in two weeks. if they do keep with their word then that means we should find out by Monday if they apprvoed them yet....and if they do approve them folks..that means my son will be home in a matter of a week or two...can you believe that? my son will be FINALLY coming home! we will FINALLY get to know what it's like to be his parents! amazing!! i so can not wait for him to come home! hoping for yet another amazing Monday!! have a wonderful weekend!!}
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