*not just a book*

{i have been wanting to write about this very special book for some time....but i've been having a hard time trying to find the words to describe it. it's the most precious book i have ever received. it's so incredibly special to me (and b). to see all the love (and creativity) that went into this makes my heart swell. we are so blessed to have so many amazing friends and family members! i wanted to share the whole book but then i thought it would be better if i just showed some snippets of it. i am so eager to share this book with Oliver and hopefully i will be able to take pictures of him looking through it so that all of you who created a page for him will see just how much joy he gets from this beautiful book! so enjoy the snippets and please know if your page was not shown...it's not because it wasn't good enough...every single page in this book is perfect in every way! we love you guys!}
{none of this would have been created if it were not for this amazing gal...}
{my dear friend, Bridgette!!! she and i became fast friends after meeting each other almost three years ago at the first waiting families dinner here in Atlanta. we (me and b) were the shy ones and she (and her husband Raleigh) came over and introduced themselves. phew...what a relief that was. i knew almost immediately that Bridgette and I were going to be friends. she was warm and friendly, bubbly and so super sweet! through out both of our journeys, we have supported each other through every step, bump, loop and jump we've had to make. last year, we were able to witness the beauty of her son, Beau's homecoming. what a special day that was!! i am so thankful for my friendship with Bridgette and so excited to know that she will be there by our side to witness our son's homecoming! Thank you so much Bridgette for putting this very special book together, for organizing it, for delivering it on one of the most special days of the year...my birthday. it's perfect in every way and will always be a special memory of our journey to Oliver! love you sweet friend!!}  

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