*the best news*

{i pinned this over the weekend and i feel like today is the perfect day to share it...today we received the call we've been waiting for....our TRAVEL CALL!!!! our son, Oliver will finally be in our arms this Thursday!!! my head is spinning!}

{before i get crazy with lists of things to do...i want to write some things down since they are still fresh in my mind....
 i remember last night before b and i went to bed, we looked at each other and we both knew...this weekend was probably the last weekend we had as just the two of us. it was a sweet sweet moment and the weekend couldn't have been more perfect. we just enjoyed each other, we cuddled, we napped, we relaxed and i remember b asking me i think on Saturday if i was relaxed. i was. for the first time in a really long time...i was relaxed and truly carefree.
this morning started off with me being able to sleep in. b woke up and got ready for work and then woke me up. we rehearsed some Korean and then said our goodbyes for the day. i checked facebook and e-mails and then made a mental note of some errands i wanted to get done today. i went to the bank and went to Target for some household items. i checked out the Easter clearance aisles. i found some pirate plastic eggs and a bunny craft kit for next year. i picked up bug spray and some trash bags!! lol. as i was headed to the bathroom supplies but before i got there, i stopped off at the kids section to look at sun hats. i was looking at a hat for Oliver when my phone rang. it was b. i remember thinking is this it? i answered and he said "Have you heard anything yet??" i said in a grumpy kind of voice "no...nothing." he replied with "Well I have!!!". i asked him if he was joking and he said "No, i really have!". i wanted to shout and cry and jump up in the air...but i was in the middle of Target!!! so i had to be quiet and try to fight back my tears. he told me Oliver was coming home in three days!! this Thursday!!! we talked a little longer and then said our goodbyes so that we could call our families. i called my dad, my sisters, my aunt and uncle and my friends. of course i waited until i was out of Target in order to scream and laugh and dance a little. what a wonderful feeling this has been!! i am so excited for Thursday!! i have a lot to do before then so i better go...but in three days...i will hold my son!!!}

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