*it's up*

{i'm not one to wear my hair up and most of my friends and family know this. i will wear it up at home when i'm lounging or working in the yard. i have never liked being photographed with my hair up...i'm thinking it's from all those horrible prom and bridesmaid hair-don'ts i had! i shudder thinking about them! then i went home to Indiana where the humidity level was worse then Georgia and the instant you walked out of the house your hair felt like it was 10x heavier and it stuck to your face and neck. i couldn't stand it. i asked my older sister to do something with it and she did this fun side braid style. i actually really liked how it looked. so the rest of the visit, i wore my hair up...believe it or not...i was photographed with it up. now that i'm home..i have this urge to figure out new ways of putting my hair up. i found this funny and super stylish gal named Wendy, last year when she did a great scarf tutorial. i didn't know she did such amazing hair tutorials until now and i am so glad i went back to her youtube site and looked! i love this one below. it's super easy and so cute. i don't have hair as long as hers so i had to modify it but i loved how it turned out. there are a couple more i'd love to try but i thought i'd pass this on to those of you who have an up do phobia like i did. enjoy!}

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