*indiana part 2*

{my pop with o. love.}
{our second full day at home, we took Oliver to the beach which is Lake Michigan. we asked my dad to be apart of Oliver's first beach experience and i couldn't have been more excited. not only for Oliver's reaction to the sand and waves but for him to spend time with my dad. b and i grew up around the beach, i believe i spent more time there then he did but it was so fun to take Oliver to a place we both had visited in our youth. to have my dad come along was a much added bonus. for the longest time, i have dreamt about my dad being my child's grandfather. he's been such an amazing father to me and to my sisters and i have witnessed him become a grandfather many times over that i really couldn't wait for it to be "my" turn. of course O took to my dad pretty quickly and i think my dad was pretty smitten with O. what a great feeling that was. i think i was seriously on a happy high. Oliver loved the beach! at first he wasn't so sure of the sand but my dad picked up some in his hand and let Oliver feel it...after that he was good to go. as you can see i brought his digger and b showed him how fun it was to scoop the wet sand with it. once he saw how fun it was, O was in digging heaven. we only went to the beach once while we were home..i wish we had had more time to go again but i am so happy Oliver got to experience it!}


Christine said...

This looks like SUCH a FUN time!!!

Bridgette said...

I just know Oliver had so much fun playing with his truck in the sand!

b said...

great pictures d, it totally makes we wish we were still there or could go back!! b.