*change is good*

so last week i mentioned that i've been thinking about plum tree and what to do with it. i am still trying to figure things out and i do not want to rush into anything but there is something that i feel that needs to change. i am not sure exactly how i am going to do this...but it has been on my mind for quite a while. i started this blog a long time ago....seven years this november. crazy! it was a year after we bought this (our first) house..i was working at my first (atlanta) design job and it was months before i started my first ever business. a lot has changed since then.
a lot....
it is bittersweet but i do not feel as much of a connection to plum tree as i once did...and as i mentioned last week...it really is not who i am any more. so i started playing around with a new name...something that is more me. after all this blog isn't about plum.tree.studio any more. it's about...my life..my family...my likes...uh...that's me..right?
a couple nights ago..i started to play around with a new blog name...it's still a work in progress but i like where it's going and it is feeling more and more..comfortable.
that makes me happy. 
hopefully soon i will have it figured out. until then...thank you all so much for your sweet comments! xo!
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