*long weekend*

i really love our weekend mornings in bed. when o wakes up, b will open his door and O finds what ever toys he wants to play with and comes to our room. we spend some time laying and playing in bed. it's my favorite time.
my bed head boy...love his serious look.
a long morning walk. we were lucky to see a train pass under the bridge. o has an obsession with trains and was very happy to see a real one in person. 
last week, b was gone on a business trip so that meant it was just me and O. it was my first time being alone with O for a long period of time (four days and three nights). i wasn't sure how O would handle not seeing his Appa for that long but he did great. he said Appa...a lot...but i would let him know that Appa was working and would be home. i have to admit, it went so much better then i expected! we of course were very happy to have b back on thursday evening! we had four awesome days with b. it was so nice to have lots of family times! 
photo booth time!
oliver getting a "dog" on his arm.
the petting zoo...love that sweet white lamb.
on saturday, we took Oliver to his friend, Rylan's 2nd birthday party. it was such a sweet
 sweet party! 
my sweet Arden, i love her smile!
she was very eager to start on her cup of custard!
o and b shared a mixed custard cup. i think o thought it was all his. ha!
Ardie ate all of her custard as we knew she would...the girl loves custard!
on sunday, we celebrated our girl, Ardie's 8th birthday. her birthday was the day before but with a party and everything going on, we waited a day to celebrate. we got our girl, her favorite....custard. it's hard to believe my girl is 8. it's also hard to believe we've had her for almost 8 years. my sweet girl.
O reading his book in his shades and hat monday morning. i thought he was pretty darn cute!
o had fun playing with this big box b brought down from the attic.
on monday, we did a little shopping and then just relaxed at home. b and i gave our room an unexpected mini makeover this weekend. this box above is going to be a part of a diy project we will be doing this week. the finished product will hopefully go above our bed.
maybe i can share that later this week! 
happy monday!
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