*cutting, pasting, sewing and more*

it's crunch time..O's birthday party is next weekend and we've been doing a project almost every night this week for it. they are not hard projects by any means but they do require me and b to do them together. makes it more fun of course! i like to prep before a party...i think i got it from doing all my craft shows. i like to make sure i've thought out all the decorations and where everything is going to go. with the party being after Oliver's nap..i want to make sure i know where everything goes and have things made ahead of time so that i can whip the party into shape while he's sleeping.

 i've also been checking the weather for next Saturday..at least three times a day! so far it's supposed to be cloudy and 89 degrees...we will take it! the week of his party though...rain! gulp! i'm hoping the rain isn't the kind that just dumps water and humidity everywhere...i would love if it could either...

a. only rained in the beginning of the week.
b. if it just HAD to rain all week then a light sprinkle to water the flowers and keep things green.
c. while it was sprinkling the heat went away and brought some much desired cool air.

is there some where i can request that? ;)
i love this project...going through all of O's baby pictures and selecting ones to showcase has been so much fun for me.

i am so excited for Oliver to experience his first birthday home! we went a little over board and you know what..i am so happy we did. i want him to have the best day! he may not understand why we are having people over or why everyone is singing to him...but that's okay. as long as he is smiling and laughing...that's all that matters to me!

p.s. b put together O's birthday present the other night and i took it for a test drive...hope he likes it! ;)

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