my boys (my heart just swells seeing this picture).
b was easing oliver into the water. oliver wasn't so sure about it at first.
little e showing Oliver how to play in the water.
big E and b making sure Oliver was having fun.
my little guy
realizing the water was actually a lot of fun.
people watching...
my favorite picture...a little surprise. he-he
all soaked!
oliver and his sweet friends...little e and big E!
over the weekend...
 our friends from Nashville (aka: Nashville fam) were driving through on their way back from a Florida vacation. they had yet to meet Oliver and were able to visit with us for a little less then 24 hours but in that short amount of time, Oliver had a blast soaking up all the attention from his new friends, big E and little e! the day they left to go back home, we took them to a local splash pad that i had just learned about. i wasn't sure how Oliver would do but i had an idea he might just love it...and sure enough..he did! the dads had fun playing in the water with O and the girls while the mommas snapped pictures. all these great shots were taken by Julie (and her amazing new camera)...thanks girl for snapping so many adorable pictures of our little ones!!
(side note: this trip to the splash pad and seeing Julie's pictures makes me realize just how badly i need a nice camera!)
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