*living with a boy*

i found this article called "raising a boy: parenting tips we wish we'd known" on pinterest and thought it was so interesting and so true. i've been a momma to Oliver for almost 4 months now and i was already nodding my head at so many of these tips. my little guy does a lot of these and probably will do the rest in any given time in the next 10 or so years.

i was one of three girls growing up so i was never exposed to what little boys "do". i am the first to have a boy amongst my sisters, my older sister has three girls and my younger sister has two girls. it's been a learning curve and there have been times where i've called b to ask him if something is normal. the one thing that i have learned is true is little boys do love hugs and it does stop the tears and most of the time...the whines. if Oliver is whinny, i typically will scoop him up and put him in the Ergo front facing. i will walk around the house doing chores all the while giving him lots of hugs and kisses.

i enjoyed reading the article and actually look forward to certain tips that were written.
i love being a boy momma.

image: ivillage
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