*natural simplicity*

i love jewelry...l.o.v.e it. i don't have a wide assortment though so it's not like an addiction for me. i do think if i could...i would have a huge collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings not to mention an assortment of rings. i love to top my outfit off with a cute necklace or if a necklace doesn't work then i love to add some flare to my wrist. it makes me feel put together...complete.
the style of jewelry that i tend to gravitate towards is more on the simplistic, neutral colored side. easy to layer, something that goes with a lot of items.
although i do love the occasional chunky necklace!

 the jewelry shown above is from by Jodi. it's the type of jewelry that would become my every day. it's so neutral and simplistic..i can see all of these items going with any of my outfits. shops like this one, make me want to get multiple items. i love that.
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