*magic bag*

{that's what i call my purse turned diaper/toy bag. Oliver lovingly points to my bag when he wants a drink, a snack or something he thinks i have...in many cases...i don't. well my magic bag is showing signs of wear and tear. it's been through a lot and it's been shoved full of diapers, wipes, bibs, toys, snacks, an outfit and more. the shoulder straps are wearing thin and just last week, one of the side zippers broke. :( i think i'm in need of a new bag..one that might be a little more organized and maybe water proof....after all i did leave a banana on the bottom of my bag for..gulp...a couple days. take it from me..it's not fun to clean up. so i've been looking and i've found a couple that might work..}
i have had these two bags in my Etsy favorites for awhile now. i really love the contrast zippers on these bags not to mention..they are both waterproof! did you see how organized the interiors are? be still my heart! they are made by ikatbags.

these two bags above are from endless. i love the color of the first one and all the zippers...love me some compartments in my purse! i have to say that i secretly love this one above...because of it's quilted chevron pattern and the leather bottom reminds me of elbow pads! it
is perfect for this fall/winter season.

i am a sucker for side pockets! now that Oliver is home..i totally get the importance of having a side pocket to stick his sippy cup in. easy to grab and give. i also like a spot for my phone and keys where i can easily reach for when holding O, his toys and my bag. i haven't bought a black bag in quite awhile but i do like that this would hide dirt. banana republic.

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