*seaweed, whales and more*

i love finding new shops! as i was browsing etsy...just yesterday..i happened to come upon this lovely shop called Arminho. the vintage posters are what caught my eye. i think i want one of each. yup...i do!  there is this inner girly girl that wants to have a fun girly space to call her own...one with hints of pink...and this seaweed poster would be the perfect wall art for that magical space!
i love soft greys and browns...my living room is made up of these colors. that's why i think this would be perfect for our living room...or O's future big boy room...or above a beautiful entry table.
 how pretty would that be?
how fun are these sweet cameras? love the pink hues in this poster...this would be so fun for a hallway decoration or an office.
did i mention...i wanted one of each? ;)

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