it's around that time of year where i start to think of fall...and all that comes with this awe-some season. i can't begin to tell you how excited i am. i think i just may burst! i actually started to think about O's costume a couple weeks ago. this probably will be the only year that we get to decide so i have been looking at ALL of the choices! scarecrow? lion? bear? oh my! i can't really decide...i think he will look cute in all of them. how do you decide?
i have also started to think about all the fun decorations i can make for Halloween...eee!i have been talking to O about Halloween and showing him things like pumpkins, decorations and costumes. i know he doesn't get it right now. he probably won't really understand it much once it's here either but i know he will love seeing decorations in the house and probably will like the idea of pumpkins...maybe not so much the cleaning out part.
b and i have been waiting for a long time to have our little one home for the holidays and it's so exciting knowing this year, we will finally get to really enjoy them all.

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