*getting crafty*

pinecones we picked last week...waiting to be crafted!
now that the weather is feeling more and more like fall. i have been inspired to do more crafts with Oliver (and a little by myself). i am doing these crafts in hopes it will teach him about
 fall and the upcoming holiday...Halloween.
so i have been browsing the web for ideas and found a couple i am excited to try with my little guy. the first is using salt dough...so excited about this one!
not only will we be doing ghosts (i think b is excited about this one too) but i have a cookie cutter in the shape of a pumpkin (O calls them pun-keys..he-he!). i thought it would be fun to do a couple pumpkins and have O color them with markers. would be so fun to look back at them next year! 
a craft i already did with O was creating a tree. i got the idea from an old tree i have framed in my living room. i created it back when i was in kindergarten. it was done using crayons and sponge paints. i am not ready to use paint with Oliver just yet so we drew some trees using crayons and used these $1.00 stickers i picked up from target. he loved this and got really excited about putting his leaves on. now when we go for walks, he points out trees and leaves and has even started to say leaves!
this is one that i would like to make O when it gets closer to  Halloween. O loves hats and i know he would have fun wearing this little pirate hat! it will be fun to do this during nap time and surprise him when he wakes up.
 i think this "tangled pumpkin" would be a lot of fun and would be so easy to do. it's just yarn, glue and wax paper. easy peasy! O will love making his very own pun-keys!
as many of you know..this is a pom pom garland that has been pinned a thousand plus times on pinterest...why? because it's pretty awesome. i am making one for our dining room. it will be done in fall colors (burnt orange and a linen brown) so we can leave it hanging from now until after thanksgiving. i'm super excited about this one and have already started making pom poms. i also bought these...and these to make decorations with.
so far...that is on the "to craft" list. are you making any fall crafts?
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