*i still wanna*

do you remember this post from january...about my hair? i really wanted to get it cut but a lot of people gave me good reasons not to...the biggest reason being that Oliver would be coming home soon and in all the pictures we sent to him of myself and b...my hair was long. it convinced me not to cut it. i did not want to confuse O in any way...not like he wasn't already confused with everything...but i sure did not want to add to it. so here we are...a big NINE months since that post and i STILL really want to cut my hair.
i pinned this picture a week or two ago and can't stop thinking of my hair. i'm tired of the length and tired of blow drying it. most of all...i am so tired of it getting caught in my purse strap or one of my boys accidentally laying, stepping or leaning on my hair. sounds weird...well when you have long hair and you lay down..it's not all neat..it goes every where and that means little feet step on it or the husband accidentally leans on your pillow which also happens to be your hair too and OUCH...it hurts. the only thing is...recently O has started to play with my hair when i hold him and that melts my heart. i love him playing with my hair. it is the sweetest thing...but like i have always said in the past..it's hair and it will grow back...so i think i'm going to do it...
i need to do this...my hair needs this. i just need to set the appointment. :)  

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