*it's offical!*

sorry for the late post but it is a pretty big day today!
today we got dressed up and went to our local courthouse. not just for kicks...we had a 1:00 appointment to met our lawyer (who is super duper sweet) who took us into the judge's chambers.
 so that she could make our family official!!
it all happened so fast (too fast if you ask me). we were in the judges chambers for maybe 4-5 minutes. our lawyer did most of the talking, we said yes about five times and the judge said a couple words..and then it was over!
that's it!
Oliver is finally...FINALLY ours!!
it's still so fresh. like really? he's really ours? after all this time?
 we took a couple pictures but they all turned out blurry. i hate when that happens!
Oliver was so so good especially since his nap time is 1:00. he was all smiles, he kept giving us kisses and hugs. he got a little squirmy towards the end and as you can see, he was over taking the pictures...but i don't blame him. the longest part of the whole process was waiting for the paperwork.
wow..Oliver is officially our son. i love how that sounds.
we didn't get to celebrate yet.
 since we had such a late appointment and then we had to rush home to put Oliver to bed, we plan to go out for some (casual) celebratory food once he wakes up!
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