*let's carve!*

last weekend, b and i decided we would carve a pumpkin. which reminds me...eek! i still need to post pictures from the pumpkin patch..darn! okay..that's coming up in the next post! back to this one...
so at the pumpkin patch..we decided to only buy one large pumpkin for carving. i think we figured it would be fun to just have a family one. Oliver is all for pumpkins..he will point them out every. where. we. go!  
i just wasn't sure how he would react to putting his hands in the pumpkin since he does not like to have his hands dirty. it took a little bit to convince him but once he saw me cleaning out the pumpkin and then b...he was all for it. we had only one request...save the seeds.
which he was so good at doing! he was very careful to put the seeds in the bowl
and the "guts" in the trash. that's my boy!
after we cleaned out the pumpkin, i took a sharpie and created a traditional pumpkin face. i left the carving to b..so i tried to make it easy on him. Oliver was very curious and kept asking questions and he was very excited that the pumpkin had eyes!
after a little bit...it was done. our first family pumpkin!
just a little fyi: if you use sharpie on your pumpkin to draw the face...use a magic eraser to get rid of any sharpie markings after you are finished carving it. cleans up really nicely. :)
after we were all done, i took a picture of my boys with our pumpkin...
i so love this photo even though it's a little blurry!
but i had to include this outtake..it cracks me up.
Oliver was so excited about the pumpkin...as you can tell!
oh and as for the seeds...they were put in the oven and sprinkled with sea salt...yum!
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