*joining the army*

i think i'm too late. i am in LUVE with the idea of a army green jacket. not the actual military jacket or camo...but a structured jacket in the color of army green.
 i want one...because i know i would wear the heck out of it.
the problem is finding one in a size that works for my frame. let's face it, i'm short and when something is long on me and add in some bagginess...i look like i'm drowning.
i keep seeing them featured on blogs i read and it's only reinforcing the fact that
 i really really want one.
 do i sound whinny? cause..i kind of am.
seeing these pics...makes you want one doesn't it?
thought so.
i've looked online for reasonable priced ones..looked at the mall...and yet no luck. most are either sold out or don't have my size.
it will turn up...it's gotta.
i just have to keep looking...right? ;)
image sources:
starting at top: a cup of jo (don't you love the bag too?)

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