*six months home*

Oliver is now a 26 month old who loves to play with trains, cars, books, stuffed animals, empty paper towel rolls, boxes, blankets, bags and anything that lights up. he loves to dance with us, loves to have music on almost all the time, enjoys wrestling with Appa, watching The Barefoot Contessa with Mommy, making apple/carrot juice, loves to eat, loves to go to the playground and enjoys walks on the path with Mommy. he still likes to watch some of Sesame Street and can name all the characters now. his favorite is still Elmo and Cookie Monster.
Oliver loves to pray at dinner time. he will hold our hands as either myself or Appa says a prayer. when we mention Oliver, Arden, our house etc. in our prayer he takes his hand from Appa's and will point to himself, Arden or the object we have said. it's quite funny.
in the last six months, Oliver has learned over 70+ words (a couple weeks ago, i wrote down every word he said in that one week span...it blew me away). he is now trying to say two to three words at a time. it's so cute to hear him try to work the words out. his favorite word is pumpkin right now...
Oliver is usually a happy boy with tons of smiles and we can easily make him laugh. more recently though, he's started to really show his stubborn side. ugh. he will say no to things he typically will say yes to or he will not look at us when we ask him to. he likes to throw fits more often now when he is told to do something and he has also started to get super whiny. i know from other friends that this is part of the "twos". so yay! it can really wear this momma out!
 let's move on to better things..Oliver loves to be outside. he loves to explore and collect things like acorns, pine cones, leaves and rocks. he loves to play at this certain playground we go to. he will play with the other kids and some times i notice he mimics them. it's kind of funny except when he mimics their screams or whines. oh and he hates when we have to leave. some days i can get him in the car without a tear and other days..there's nothing that will stop those darn water droplets. while he's in the car, he typically reads a book or plays with a toy. he will sometimes read his book out loud..i like to hear his little voice when he does this. it's so cute. other days, he will ask me what every. single. thing is. ha!
 he eats lunch and dinner really well but breakfast is still a questionable meal. he is always wanting to eat though...loves his crackers and banana chips. he will try new things still and loves to eat out. i do know that he doesn't handle milk products as well and will limit his intake on cheese and yogurt. he drinks almond milk so we don't worry about it hurting his tummy.
he sleeps very well at night, usually 10-11 hours. he naps between 1 and 2:30 p.m....there have been times recently where he has fought his naps and has had some lack luster nap times...but over all..he's a great sleeper. more recently, his wake up time has switched...in a good way. he used to get up around 6:30-6:45...but recently, he's been rising around 7:30 some times 8! we don't know if this is just a temporary thing but we are enjoying every extra minute we get! 
Oliver loves to be read to and will often say book or read before he goes to bed. before nap time, i read him one special book from our closet stash (books that can be torn apart) and b reads Oliver three board books (of O's choice) before night night. he really loves his books!
speaking of books, we go to our local bookstore once a week now. it's a cute little bookstore with really nice people and they have a great selection of books! there are a lot of moms (and a dad) who take their children every week. i took him once just to try it out...he sat on my lap and seemed to enjoy it. so i took him back and we love going now. it started out that he only wanted to sit on my lap while snacking on his water and crackers and now with each week we've gone...he's gotten a little bit more comfortable. he still doesn't like to stretch or do some of the activities like the other kids but he does like to sit in front of me now or lay his head on my lap and listen to the books being read. it's sweet to see him transition and i love that he rests his head on my legs...
he doesn't do this at home...ever...so i soak it up! :)
i have noticed that if we are in a store or in public and he can't see me (but i can see him)...he will start to look for me and say "Mommy?". he does this at home. he doesn't play that often in his bedroom alone anymore. he brings his toys to what ever room i'm in and will play on the floor. i don't think he likes not knowing where i'm at. he also loves to snuggle on the sofa with me while we are waiting for b to get home. these are the times that i love!
 he does have stranger danger with adults now (not so much with ones that have kids though).
  when we go to public places he wants to be in either be in the cart, his stroller or right next to me. if there are kids involved...forget it. he's off in his own world. in public, people will ask him his name or say hi and he just looks at them. when they keep talking to him and ask him more questions, there are times where he will get mad and he will look away. if we have someone over to visit, it does take him time to warm up but usually if we are talking with the person and give him some space..he tends to warm up with in 15 minutes.
he likes to look at himself in the mirror. ha! when i get him dressed or put new pjs on him..he will run to our bedroom and look in the mirror on the back of our door. it's quite funny. he loves wearing clothes...he loves having hats and hoodies on. i'm so happy he likes this because he looks adorable in hats. he also gets excited about new clothes especially if they are either pjs or shoes.
it's amazing how different he is in just 6 months. how much he's grown as a boy and how he's adjusted to his new life. it makes us so happy to see him smile and laugh. there are days that i have to remind myself to soak it all up because he's changing so quickly.... 
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