*first for everything*

a couple weekends ago, we took Oliver to Stone Mountain to see the pumpkin festival. we thought it would be a fun fall activity. O was kind of having an off day. he was grumpy and whiny...but we took him anyway.
since we were going to a pumpkin festival, i thought it would be fun to have Oliver wear his owl hoodie. he looked so cute in it!
don't mind the too short pants...he had a sudden growth spurt a couple weeks ago! ha!
it was fun to see all the pumpkins and such but unfortunately, it was more for older kids...
so we decided to ride the train.
Oliver loves...loves trains...so we thought he would be so thrilled to ride one for the first time.
we boarded the train and O seemed less then thrilled. i'm not sure if he was just taking it all in but he didn't talk the whole time we were on the train. he wouldn't sit on b's lap and he wouldn't even smile...maybe he was mad at the fact we were giggling at his too short pants?
so i kept taking his picture which he just look annoyed...ha! finally we got him to show us his silly tongue. there ya go!
the ride was nice, it was pretty and we ended with seeing the mountain which i love.
maybe next time, O will be more into the ride but we can chalk it up as another first! :)

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