*take chances*

in 1993, i did. it was a beautiful October evening. i had gone out with a bunch of friends (boys and girls) and we wound up at a local school playground. we were being typical teens, talking, laughing, teasing, having a good time. there was a boy there that i had been hanging out with for a couple months. i liked him, he was my friend. that night, he asked me to go out with him while we were swinging on the swings. i had mixed feelings. he really liked me and i knew he did because he had been showing me for the past couple months...but i wasn't sure..he was super sweet, he was silly, he was a lot of fun, a real goof ball (i think because of me..smile.) and of course he was super cute. i didn't know if we would last, i didn't know if we would really work well together...but i took a chance that night and i said yes. it didn't take long but i fell head over heels in love with him. madly.in.love. he became my everything. two years later, we graduated high school and went off to our different colleges. we wanted to see if we were meant to be, if our love was strong enough to not see each other every day but only on the weekends. it was hard, extremely hard to be without him...i counted down the days, the months, the years until we were done with college. the day finally came, we graduated and decided to move
to St. Louis together,
a year later, we got married.
it's been 19 years since that October night, i took a chance and i thank God every day i did. 
that boy became my one and only, my other half, my soul mate, my true love.
Happy 19 years B!
love you always
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