*highlights of Thanksgiving break*

let's start with the day before Thanksgiving,
i posted last week that we went to visit the Pink Pig with friends that morning. later that day we went to dinner and came home to no water. after b searched and searched, he finally found a small crack in the road across from our house with water bubbling out of it. crazy right? i thought so.
well the bubbling turned into the picture below...
yes, that's a "geyser" coming from the street. luckily b had called our water company and they sent an emergency crew pretty much right away. phew!
 turns out our supply line disconnected from the main water line sending water every where once the road was dug up. this lasted until the wee hours of the night.
b and i stayed outside with the sweet crew who fixed it and ended up chatting with them about the water, Thanksgiving, life...uh..pretty much everything. they were so determined to get our water problem fixed and we couldn't thank them enough!
the next day, we woke up feeling very thankful for them because it meant we could shower and look decent for dinner!
that morning a clean up crew came to fix the road...this made Oliver very happy since my boy is obsessed with diggers and dump trucks....
 he sat here looking like this until they left. all the while saying...digger and "tunk" (dump) truck.
after the "tunk" trucks and diggers were gone...we watched the Macy's Day parade on tv for the first time ever and enjoyed it! our little guy loved seeing all the floats and marching bands.
 i'm sure his favorite was the Sesame Street float though.  
that afternoon, we drove up to my Aunt Susie's house for Thanksgiving dinner.
i will say...i'm really bummed that most of my pictures turned out like the one below.
ugh..i so need a better camera!
 Oliver was spoiled with a sweet ornament for his room tree and a new yellow dump truck which he was very happy to play with the entire time we were there. see what i mean about obsessed with dump trucks?
we were spoiled with delicious food that made our bellys full and very happy. i wish my picture of the table had turned out. Aunt Susie always does a nice job setting the table for events!
after dinner and dessert, we left with extra sweet potatoes (my favorite!),turkey and some special frozen cookies (mmmm). 
even though this is blurry...i really do love this one and had to share.
the next day after we all got up and had breakfast...we drove to our local mall to see if we could snatch up some Black Friday deals. we got to the mall around 9:45/10:00. it wasn't that busy..which was weird but nice. we were able to take some pictures in front of the mall's Christmas tree.
Oliver is in this phase right now where he will NOT look at the camera if you ask him to. he will turn his head, body or eyes so that he doesn't look at you or he will not smile. we try to trick him by saying...don't look at Mommy/Appa...some times it works...but it makes me sad
and i hope this phase wears off soon.
he was a pretty good sport for the two hours we were at the mall and was even happier when he was out of his stroller. we didn't score very many deals as in...the stores didn't have very. many. deals. what the heck stores?? makes sense as to why it wasn't as packed as i thought it would be. luckily i was able to get some online shopping done later that day...where i did get some great discounts...
hello jcrew factory 40% off plus another 15%!
the one thing Oliver liked doing while at the mall was looking at Santa...he stood in this spot for a good 10-15 minutes just looking at Santa saying "Tanta" and waving at him.
it was so fun to watch him and it also made me excited for Saturday's adventure..
which i will post tomorrow.
when we got home from our shopping adventure...O went to his room to play and we sat down in our hallway to get on our computers. i know what you are thinking..wow..what a weird location. it's really not. actually it's the best place to be when O is playing. you can see him and he can see you..you can also keep an eye on him and make sure he's not getting into trouble. also there is an added bonus of cushy carpet for you bum. i had been thinking about last November all day and how we were waiting for our sweet boy to come home but knew we had to wait until 2012. my heart was aching for him but luckily we had a sweet friend who just so happened to be going to Korea for a business trip and she brought us back the best present ever...a 45 minute video of our little guy laughing, playing, walking, talking and eating. we watched that video at least a hundred times last year and this year I wanted to watch it with my O. i wasn't sure what he would do or how he would react so i played a little as he sat beside me. he was very curious as i told him what was going on. i held his hand and rubbed his back while he watched. there was a part where his Omma was in the video and i asked him who she was, his sweet voice said Omma. made me smile. he ended up sitting on my lap for the rest of the video. i love that we have this for him to have in the future and to be able to look back on and actually see himself as a baby.
after nap, we decided to get the Christmas decorations down...which meant i could put Oliver's room tree up again. i modified it from last year with a little less ornaments and added a felt ball garland. he loves seeing the tree on with his overhead lights off. me too. smile.
i have more pictures of Christmas decorations to post later..this post is getting pretty darn long and i'm sure i lost most to almost all of you by now. wink!
Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving break! 
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