*meeting santa*

on Saturday, we went to the zoo to meet Santa....logical place right? our local zoo was having an event called Cookies with Santa. i had never heard about this nor did my friends but we decided to see what it was about. we went a little early to see the animals before our selected time slot. the weather was chilly and the animals decided to stay in their homes. 
so as we waited for Santa..we just walked around.
when we went to the zoo for Halloween it was decorated with lights and fun talking trees...but for Santa...there were no decorations. i think b will agree..we were expecting at least lights but to walk in and have no decorations..it didn't really get us in the holiday mood.
as you can tell from Oliver's expression above.
 when it was time to see Santa, we walked over to a building we had never seen before. when we stepped in, we heard loud rap music. no offense but rap music isn't my first choice when i want to listen to some holiday music. off the hallway of this building was the room above where you could dance to...rap music. there were also crafts for bigger kids, hula hoops for bigger kids and some cookies with hot cocoa. you didn't really "have" cookies with Santa because he was in another room down the hall taking pictures.
 knowing that we paid $10.00 a person (Oliver included), i was, as you can see...a little unhappy with the event. we didn't stay in the room, we went directly to the room where Santa was.
Oliver was so excited to see Santa but he kept it all business.
i love this picture...it makes me laugh. what big hands you have Santa!
the photographer tried really hard to get Oliver to crack a smile but there were no smiles coming from my boy. he-he!
looking and giggling at his sweet "brave" picture.
after Oliver got his picture taken, we left the zoo and headed for a some warm food.
as we waited for our lunch, Oliver colored. let me repeat that...Oliver colored!!
my little guy has not had an interest in coloring since he's been home. he loves stickers and putting stickers on paper but when you would put a crayon in his hand..he typically would drop it and ask for a sticker.
this made me so happy to see him so interested in his crayons. 
i love this picture..it's my favorite.
 he's so focused.
 he ended up taking this paper bag home with his "colors" and carried it through out the house. i think he was pretty proud of himself...as he should be! he colored!
and just so you can see...Oliver does smile...for food....not cameras.
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