*weekend recap*

phew..this weekend flew by just like i thought it would. on Saturday, b and i had our first night out since Oliver has been home (which will be 8 months this Wednesday! can you believe it?).
 my aunt came over to watch him while b and i attended his office Christmas party. before we left though, we put Oliver down to bed a little early (which worked out since he's still working on the "no nap" phase) and then we hurried to get into our dress clothes and pretty much ran out the door. luckily my aunt stopped us and asked if we wanted some pictures taken...otherwise we probably would have gone another year without any "dress up" photos.
here we are all cleaned up. i have to say my man looks mighty handsome in his spiffy suit and tie! oh and i loved my dress. it was so comfortable and i just loved how the collar gave me some sparkle.
 we had a great time at the dinner party. there was good food, lots of laughs and some yummy adult drinks. oh i even managed to get a bread basket spilled down my back. yeah, i was sitting down talking with the people at the table and this sweet waitress accidentally dumped a whole bread basket down the back of my chair. there were pieces of bread surrounding me and in my lap. thank goodness it was just bread. the whole accident was quite comical though, we all had a good laugh about it but i don't think the poor waitress did. she never came back into our room to serve after that.
on Sunday morning, b took Oliver to the grocery store to pick up some items and left me and Arden at home. my girl and i sat by the tree and enjoyed a little quiet time. she napped and i caught up on my blog reading. 
that night, we took our boy to the Festival of Lights. since it took us an hour and a half to get there, we arrived just in time for our scheduled ride. we were able to get in the back row of one of the trolleys and as you can see..Oliver was very active.
it was so hard to get pictures last night with of all the excitement...
but as you can see...Oliver was SO happy about seeing the lights. he kept doing this nervous like laugh the entire time we were waiting for the ride to start. it was too funny.
let's just say, after that ride...Oliver became an even bigger fan of Christmas lights! to say he loved it is an understatement. it was so much fun to see his reactions and to see the amazement on his face. he could not stop saying "wow"!
 b and i are already talking about taking him to another Christmas light show here in town! 
Hope you all had a great weekend! Happy Monday!  

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