*friday foto*

happy friday!!
we have a pretty busy weekend coming up with b's Christmas party tomorrow. which just so happens to be our very first "date" night since O came home (almost 8 months next week!). i'm super excited and nervous at the same time.  i guess every parent goes through that...or at least most do. i did a post about the dress i'll be wearing to the party...here. my Aunt Susie (or toosie" as O calls her) will be watching Oliver while we are out on the town!
 thank you AS for our first night out!
on Sunday night, we are taking O to an event that b and i have gone to the last two years. so i guess it's sort of a tradition. it's called the Fantasy of Lights. it's a lot of fun and i think O is really going to enjoy it..or at least i hope! we will throw in a little shopping here and there and we will try to finish up our Christmas cards too! whoot!
hope you all have a great weekend!
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