jumping on the wagon...

the ombre wagon that is.
after gosh....almost 8 years..i am getting my hair colored. 
i've been wanting to add some color to my hair for years. i am not sure why i haven't done it sooner. 
every year the thought would pop into my mind and then the year would quickly go by with 
no appointment set.  

well this year is different. i've decided i need to finally get with it. in December i got my hair cut and i brought it up with my stylist. she agreed that i could use some. ha! we discussed highlights vs. ombre and i really like the fact that you don't have to worry about roots with ombre coloring. 
uh...easy to maintain. i'm in! 

i'm getting really excited to get it done this weekend. 
so my natural hair color is very close to Rachel Bilson's hair above and
 i am hoping my hair turns out very similar to either one of these beautiful ladies. 
 we will see! 
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