a flutter

a new year...a new calender.

do you ever get a calender just because you love the look..not so much for the use of it?

 i picked this one up at Anthro before Christmas and wrapped it up for b. 
it's not the most ideal calender for us to have. it's quite large and it's not really made for someone to write appointments, birthdays or any other little notes on it...but that's ok. 
really, i bought it because i fell in love with the butterflies, beetles and dragonflies.
i was standing in the store looking at the back of the calender..you know how they display some of the other months..well i started to think of how amazing it would be if at the end of 2013,
 i went and had all 12 months framed.
ooo...and then i thought about our future house and how great they all would look together in our 
"future" dining room, entry or hallway! 
i got excited and bought it. 
when b unwrapped it..i told him my idea and well this one of the many reasons why i married him...

he loved the idea.

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