weekend recap

i know..i am a little..okay really late getting my post out today.
 it's been an unexpected crazy day.
i've been having some health issues lately that have made me scratch my head at and so what does someone do when they scratch their head at medical issues...
(besides look online for answers) 
visit a doctor. 
and..that's just what i did. 
my doctor squeezed me in this morning..
so off we (O and i) went to visit them. 
 i was asked lots of questions, had lots of blood drawn and had some x-rays conducted. 
even though i was not happy about giving blood ...
(i am a fainter...big time. don't put me in a chair because i will fall right out of it and land on the floor with my hair covering my face and a body full of cold sweat.)
...i am glad i did. 
i know studying the blood can tell a doctor a lot when things aren't so clear.
okay..enough about that...

how was your weekend? mine...pretty good. 
we didn't do a whole lot but it was a nice weekend. 

the biggest thing i did this weekend was...
get my hair colored!! 
before the color.
as i mentioned last week..i decided to go with some ombre coloring. 
i was excited about it and a little nervous too. 
i hadn't colored my hair in eight years...
but after my hair was washed and i got to see a peak of the color..
i got pretty darn happy about what i was seeing. 
after with ombre coloring.
it took about two hours from start to finish but wasn't messy or embarrassing like some coloring can be. 
after my hair was dry, my stylist decided to give me some "sexy" waves which made me do a triple take because my hair is normally stick straight. 
here is a silly self portrait that i shared with my friends on instagram. 
i really do like it..it's taken me a little bit to get used to especially this morning when
 my stick straight hair returned...but it's so nice to have my hair a little lighter.
it definitely helps with the January blues. ;)
on Friday, i sent some concept drawings to my clients for their kitchen but i still felt like i had one more idea in me. so on Sunday i cranked a new option for them to chew on and was pretty darn happy with it. 
hopefully they were too. we will see this Sunday.
meanwhile...my boys had some much needed one on one time together. 
b had been gone all week and even though O is still too little to say he misses his appa...
it was very apparent (and so so sweet) that he had missed him. 

so that was my weekend...see not too exciting but it was nice. 

Happy Monday!

p.s. tomorrow...i get a root canal! Yahoo...don't  you wish you were getting one too? ;)
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