weekend recap

so...how was your weekend? 

did it go by super fast or was that just me wanting to spend more time with my b? 

so let's recap..it wasn't a super busy or crazy with activities type of weekend but we did have a good one...

on Friday, O and i ventured out into the rain to pick up some necessities...diapers for little one and to partake in some bookstore fun. well the bookstore didn't end in the fun i had hoped. Mr. O LOVES going to the bookstore because there is a train table and a train table to a train loving boy is like winning the lottery.

after 45 minutes of playing (with others) he was not happy that momma wanted to leave to go home for lunch. how dare i? as we were leaving...O decided to express himself with the loudest. cry. ever. oh and if that wasn't bad enough...there was a woman (why is there always a person that does this?) who stared at me the entire way out of the store. as if she had never heard a child cry or throw a tantrum..really? not only did O cry as we were leaving...he cried almost the entire time we drove home. towards the end...i had a cry too. it was a rough morning. 

luckily things got better and my sweet O came back. we snuggled for a little bit before lunch and then had a good nap which is probably why there was a cry fest that morning.
 on Saturday, b took O for a couple hours so that i could work on one of my projects. i got a lot done but phew...this kitchen remodel is a tough one. the space is awkward but i was able to crank out three solid options for my client with a fourth one in the works. yahoo!
i also got around to ordering samples off of my (new-ish) BM Color Stories deck. i'm super excited to get the samples. they are for another client that i am helping. she's asked me to help her with interior finishes on her new construction home. the great thing about ordering paint samples for this client is that we love the same colors...so it's pretty easy..i choose what i would like and then show her! win. win.
on Sunday, we had a laid back day of just family time. i seriously love this kid's smile. if you could hear the giggles that came with this smile. sigh..it's pretty awesome. 
what is crazy is that he's been with us for a whole 9 months now! can you believe it? 
time really does fly!
and since we are talking about O...i have to share these snaps i took last week. 
what can i say...my kid rocks the ball cap. this is how he wore his hat on our walk that day.
 i asked him if he could see and he said yes. 
he really is a cool kid. 

Happy Monday! 
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