states away

with most of mine and b's family living in other states, it means we don't get to spend much time with them. we might see our family members twice (maybe three times) a year. so that doesn't give Oliver an opportunity to really get to know all the names of his family members. i've been wanting to put something together for him like...picture magnets, a photo book or maybe a framed picture collage...but really none of these excite me. i guess that is why i haven't don't it yet. 
it's been kind of bothering me though that i don't have anything for him.

until recently. 

over the weekend, i was looking at the site called pinhole press and a picture of one of their products flashed on their front page. instantly i knew this would be the perfect solution. 
pinhole offers "flashcards" that you can personalize with your own pictures. Oliver loves cards, he loves puzzles and he loves to look at pictures. also we are learning the alphabet right now...so i know this is right up his alley. i started working on a set for him over the weekend and i think the hardest part for me right now, is finding up to date pictures of all our family members. ha! 
i can't wait to finish these cards up and order them! 
i really think they will be a hit! 
also it will make me feel so much better knowing he's learning who his family is 
and having fun time doing it. 

oh and look what else they offer...
 personalized puzzles...
and something i loved playing when i was a kid...
a memory game. 
this would be fun to do later, when O is a little older. 
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