5 hour meeting

so on Saturday, i had a meeting with one of my clients who is building a Beau-tiful new home just blocks of where she is currently living.

 she's asked me to help her with multiple areas of the house like the kitchen and bathrooms (basically any where there is a need for cabinetry), some exterior details and finishes along with my opinion on lighting, flooring and more.

so far it's been a lot of drawing mainly for the first and lower level cabinetry but we've also been sending each other tons of e-mails/texts with pictures and or products we see and need to share with one another. 

her taste is very similar to mine so it's made it incredibly fun and exciting.  

so about the meeting. the first thing we tackled was the exterior colors. i will say, exterior colors can be tricky. the idea of it is fun but can feel a bit stressful considering it's not a room, it's a whole house that will be painted this ONE color. so you have to pick the RIGHT one. 

our inspiration was based off of houses like this.
and this..
- painted brick with the creamiest white (yum!) and a trim color that adds a touch of elegance. 

the house is not yet built, only the footings have been dug, so my client and i chose three different whites for the base color along with a trim color that works with all three base options. 

the thought is that once the house is built, we will bring our three base choices to the jobsite and review them with the actual surroundings and hopefully proper sunlight to make the right decision. the biggest concern we have is getting the right white. boy it's tricky!
 we don't want it to be too stark white nor do we want it to look yellow.  

after the exterior colors were chosen, we moved inside...
this is where the fun begins. :)

we stuck with a neutral palette...going from lights to darks.
using touches of whites, browns and some greys in both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. 

the idea of going neutral was to keep the rooms calm and to let her furniture, accessories and lighting do the "talking". 

you know add drama where drama is needed. ;)

speaking of "drama"...check out this fixture from circa lighting.
 we were drooling over this...
we are thinking it would be perfect for her dining room. 

oh and take a look at this Morris fixture for her library...

as we went through each room, we talked about the feel of it and what finishes would be used. 
we also referred to our inspiration pictures we had been pulling for the past couple months. 
since i just showed you the fixture we will be using in her library, here is an inspiration picture for that room...
dark built in cabinets with touches of antique brass.
and for the kitchen, we are going to use a wall treatment similar to this, 
painted slatted wood walls along with dark interior doors. 
the kitchen is going to be open to the family room so it needs to read elegant but not too fussy. we love the feel of this kitchen as well as the hood. 
i found this picture on pinterest a month ago and about died. 
isn't this amazing? i sent it to my client and she fell in love. 
a dramatic butler's pantry that leads you from the dining room to the kitchen.
it can not be all neutral when you have two little girls living in the house. 
we chose a the sweetest pink for her youngest daughter's room and a beautiful blue in the oldest daughter's room. 
both colors will be used on the ceiling only, giving the room a hint of color. 
we are going to use some playful stripes in the lower level which makes me super happy...because if you know me..i luv me some stripes! 
we plan on using a neutral stripe for the kid's play room and then add punches of bold colors with artwork and throw pillows.

there is still a lot to do but it's all coming together!

of course, as the project develops, i hope to share progress pictures with you all. 

we just need the jobsite to dry up a bit so that the contractor can start framing! 
we love you rain...but let's have a little break okay? ;)
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