wow...look at that.

today, i got out our Valentine's decorations. it wasn't much just a couple items that i had made last year and decided to save. as i was getting them out, Oliver kept saying "wow, look at that!" and "ooo...hearts!" it got me so excited and a little giddy for this sweet little holiday. 
as i hung the garland from the ceiling, he started to squeal. i could tell he was very happy to see some hearts going up. 
that's my boy! 
we also finished our Valentine's cards today! it only took three different days for me to get O to color on 8 cards. ha! we will be making a trip to the post office tomorrow so that he can personally mail his sweet colored cards. 
oh...remember the trip we made to West Elm a couple weekends ago? well i picked up two of these heart pad-printed bowls (sorry, they are no longer available online!) to put on our island. i figured i would use them for displaying some Valentine's treats but now the thought of filling them with chocolate or sugar makes me kind of sick to my stomach. 
with all the meds i've been on, swollen toes...blah..blah..blah...
my body has not been feeling so well and honestly i don't feel myself...at...all. 
i'm rather sluggish and to be honest...feel really gross. it stinks.

so i've decided to veto the sugary goodness and go for healthy alternatives.

tomorrow, i am taking O to Whole Foods to pick up some items and figured i would take a look around and see if i could find some healthy but festive alternatives. i also plan on getting a couple small flowers to add to the white glass vase pictured above.   
 check out this cute mailbox O and i picked up at Target yesterday. we were almost ready to check out when we walked past the dollar section. i noticed a basket filled with these tiny little tin mailboxes. there were three color ways, white, pink and blue...each mailbox was a buck so i picked out a blue one for O. 
it's too cute. i placed it in on our dining table and told him that it was his mailbox. 
i plan on filling it with small goodies for him on Valentine's Day. :)
so are you gearing up for V-day? 
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