friday foto

hello February!!
goodbye January!!
this is always a happy month for me.
 i have so many family members and friends who were born in February...
some special peeps in my book.
why are they so special...
well they certainly are special but i guess they are a little
extra special because we share the same birth month...
yup i turn one year older this month.
i'm okay about that...i think.
 this year marks the last year of my mid 30's.
ooo..here's a good one..
it's one month closer to Spring...i think we all get giddy about that huh?
(also one month closer to our house going on the market! wahoo!! bring on the new house please!)
oh and of course
 Valentine's Day!
we have already started our Valentine's cards. i thought it would be fun to send some cards to some of Oliver's little cousins. he had a blast with the first batch and added some special things to the inside of each one. they are sweet!
i almost want to keep one for myself. ;)
after nap today, we are going to start some crafts and maybe this weekend we will
 put up some hearts and banners.
yippeee...let's bring on the pink!
hope you have a great weekend!!
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