recap and randoms

is it really Monday already?
geez..the weekends just go too fast in my opinion. 
let's do a little recap..

on Friday, i made homemade granola. 
it smelled soooo good and made the whole house smell like a delicious bakery...
until i put the last batch in.
whoops..i should have cleaned the pan off before the second batch (which was a smaller batch then the first). 
the first batch left some pieces on the pan which just might have created
a tad bit of smoke. 
oh well...it still tasted good. :)
that afternoon, i tried to get O to finish his Valentine's cards but he was only up to coloring one...
but what a special card it was! 
look at what he did! 

while he was coloring, he asked me to draw him a heart. after i was done, he tried making one of his own.
 it's super light...but i saw his sweet little heart right away and about leaped out of my chair!
proud mommy moment...my little guy is a budding artist!  
before b got home, we went for a walk to our favorite spot. the train tracks. O did a little light reading while we waited for a train to come. i had picked up a couple Valentine's books to get O ready for the "big" day. ;) he really likes this "heart" book. 
on Saturday morning, i had a client meeting that lasted about five hours. it was a great meeting with lots of progress. love those meetings!
i'm so excited about this project and can't wait for it to start production.
 i'll do a separate post on all that later. 

after O's nap, we took a trip to Home Goods to see if we could find anything we needed for the house. 
with the house going on the market next month, i have some things in mind that i'd like to get to help spruce the house up a little bit. 
we didn't find much but i did spot this cute little table that i showed b. 
i thought it would be a sweet little night stand for O's big boy room...
in the future house.
we didn't get it...since our future house is still in the...future. 
can you tell i'm getting excited about decorating a new house? 
oh boy...oh boy!!

so this is totally not related to this past weekend but i wanted to do a little hair update. 
remember i got my hair colored after years of no coloring....
well it's been about two weeks since i got it done and i wanted to do a little update about how i feel about it. 
i will say, i was super excited to get the ombre coloring done based on the pictures i posted here
once it was colored, i was excited to finally have something different then my "boring" brown hair.  
i will say, it's taken some time to adjust to the coloring. 
i do have days where i like it and days were i'm not so in love with it. 
i think the biggest thing for me is the stop/start of the coloring. i really would have liked it better if my natural hair color was carried into the ombre coloring rather then a stop of my natural and a start of the new color. 
make sense?
some times i look at my hair and think it looks like i dunked half of my head in a bucket of bleach. 
boo....but oh well. you live and learn. 

so here is a piece of advice that i would tell my friends...
 if you are thinking of getting your hair colored like Rachel Bilson, make sure you let your stylist know that you would like your natural coloring to be carried into the ombre coloring so that it looks more blended. 

okay..i'm done. 

Happy Monday!! 
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