before and after

i don't know about you but i love a good before and after post...
so if you are like me..then you will enjoy this. 
here are the before and after pictures (please excuse the picture quality) 
of mine and b's first home. 
front of house (before)
front of house (after)
front door (before)
front door (after)
back deck (before)
back deck (after)
back yard (before)
back yard (after)
living room (before)
living room (after)
living room (before)
living room (after)
kitchen (before)
kitchen (after)
hallway (before)
hallway (after)
office (before)
office (after)
bathroom (before)
bathroom (after)
master bedroom (before)
master bedroom (after)
Oliver's room (before)
Oliver's room (after but before he came home.)

So there you have it...the before and afters of our first home.
as you can see, we pretty much transformed each room including the exterior. 
 the only room that we didn't get to completely transform was the kitchen.
 i'm okay with that because i have my fingers crossed that in our next home, i will be to make our new kitchen into my dream kitchen. we will see. 
looking back, in 2004 we never imagined we would be living in this house for 9 years.
it will be hard to say goodbye, so many memories..i get chocked up thinking about them..
 but it's time to move on. 
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