going to the market...again.

it's March and you know what that means?

our house is on the market!

some of you might remember, we had our house on the market in the fall of 2011 and kept it on the market up until Oliver came home last April. 

we thought it was best to take it off the market so that we could all get adjusted and not have to worry about 

showings, open houses, looking for a new house...moving. gah! you get the point.

it was such a good decision...i can't imagine doing all that on top of going through the first couple months with O home.

gives me anxiety just thinking about it. 

so now that Oliver has been home for almost 11 months (next week)...

side note: eek..can you believe we are almost at the one year mark?? makes me tear up thinking about it!! 

we feel it's time to take advantage of the spring market and try to find a bigger house.

one that is in a better school district for our growing boy and one that will be big enough so that our visiting family members have a room (or two) to crash in.  

when we first put the house on the market, i started to show you all the before and after shots of each room including the exterior....but i never got to finish. so i thought it would be fun to show them again but this time,
 all in one post.

so stay tuned for that post some time this week! :)
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