friday and a photo or two

so i spoke too soon. Spring showed up and then dove under the covers. today, i feel like Winter has come creeping back. boo! it's gray and ca-ca cold out. i'm wearing a turtleneck sweater and really i just want to be under multiple layers of clothes (hence the photo..). 
i checked the weather and it looks like this cold front is sticking around. 

ah crud.

oh Spring...please come back...pretty please! 

we really did enjoy you while you were here! 

this week has been crazy. i mean Ca-RAZY. i told you earlier that we are under contract right now and yesterday we had an inspection on our house by the buyers. eek. this process makes me so nervous! we are waiting to hear from our realtor to find out what was said and if there is anything (hopefully small) we will need to fix. i also met with a contractor on Monday at a potential house that we've been eyeing. it's from the 1980's and it hasn't really been updated. it's not bad...just needs hardwood floors, new paint, some walls moved etc...that's all. ;) the great thing is that the contractor gave his approval on the house and i respect his opinion so that made me happy! he also gave us some pricing on the items we would like to fix and that also made me happy because the pricing was do-able!! soooo we decided to make an offer...yesterday! 

aaaandddd...that means....

we are waiting....yup..waiting on the news of this house and hopefully news on our new house! 

praying that it's all great news! 

i have to admit..i'm getting excited and i really don't like to get excited when things are not set in stone. i have gone full blown new house crazy. pinning ideas, looking at paints, thinking about what will need to be bought before we move in...i have to stop myself from getting too far ahead. 
you know the cart before the horse scenario. ugh..waiting is hard. 

hopefully by Monday, i will have some news to share. 
the good thing is i have another crazy weekend ahead of me. 
it will help keep my mind off of the waiting for sure. 
on Saturday, one of my childhood friends is coming to town and 
i can. not. wait!
 we haven't seen each other in i think two years (??) so before any kiddos (she has a little girl).
 it's going to be so slap happy fun to see my sweet friend and her beautiful daughter!
 also i am meeting a potential new client on Sunday for another kitchen remodel. 
wish me luck!

p.s. we had our LAST post placement visit today! 
we are officially done with our agency!! 

have a great weekend!!
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