tuesday = good news!

color palate for new house...told you i was getting a little excited! ;) 
yesterday was an anxiety filled day. 

you all know we had an inspection done on the house last week...well the inspector was kind of an ass. 
i won't go into a ton of details but we got the report back on friday night and we were not happy with it.
 we felt he assumed on a lot of things rather then stating the facts. 
some of the things he reported were ridiculous and others were very concerning to us 
and made us worry what the buyer was thinking. 
i could go on and on about the report...but honestly i would rather not.
we have spent the last few days thinking about it and what the buyer was going to do. 
we talked and talked and talked about it from Friday night until this morning...
 honestly, i think we were about to lose. our. minds!
negativity was starting to creep it's slimmy way into our minds! 
luckily we didn't lose our minds (phew) because our realtor called us and told us great news!!

the buyer just asked for a small amount of money for some repairs.

happy dance!

the other great news is...
i told you on Friday that we put an offer on a house we liked...
well...the offer was accepted!! 


that means...i spent the weekend thinking about our new house and what i would like to do with it....
 the picture above is an inspiration picture for the front entry. eek! 

so excited!

we have an inspection scheduled for this Friday! if all goes well, we will close both houses on the same day and have a month to live in our old house while we have work done to our new house! 

phew...now let's have a great inspection on Friday..shall we? 

oh and i have to share this picture...
remember i told you all on Friday, my childhood friend, Holly was in town for the weekend?
well on Saturday, we arranged a playdate and lunch at our house since it was raining cats and dogs. 

i was really excited to see Holly since it had been so long and eager to finally meet
 her look a like daughter, Wren! 
with Oliver being 31 months and Wren almost 18 months, i have to admit, i was a little worried
 that Oliver would be possessive of his toys and worried he would take toys from Wren, 
leaving her with big crocodile tears. eek! 

can i just tell you...my little guy did just the opposite! 
he shared ALL his toys, he even gave Wren toys and put them in her lap! 
when she went into his room, it didn't phase him. 
when she laid on his bed, he laid with her. 

this momma's heart melted like butter! 

i loved seeing my son play with Holly's daughter. we have been friends since middle school and to see our little ones bonding made me so incredibly happy and a little sappy at the same time! 

it was a great visit and i hope that we will have more visits with these two special gals in the future!

love you hol! 

hope Tuesday is a good one for you as well! 
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