Oh Easter..

i so don't feel prepared for you...i know you are this Sunday and honestly..
i wish you were next Sunday.
with all the house excitement...i have had little time to think of you dear, Easter and i feel horrible. 

i usually decorate for holidays and i think it really helps Oliver to get into them. 
 right now...i've got nothing. 

 i blame it on having to keep the house tidy and presentable for showings, looking at new houses, stressing about inspections and budgets and moving and everything that goes along with selling and buying houses. 

i'm sorry.

i really would have done a great job decorating though. 
you would have loved it. 
i picture making colorful paper banners in pops of Spring like colors and hanging the banners from our kitchen ceiling..you know the one that looks like a white cork board... 
there would have been an Easter sign hanging from our black china cabinet and probably some adorable white little bunnies and yellow chicks (fake of course) as center pieces on my dining table. 
don't forget a bowl of the hand died eggs we would have done. 

i promise, i have tried...
i did go to countless stores on Monday looking for an Easter outfit for Oliver and gah...
 i'm too late for the good stuff. 
if only i had prepared. 

i really did want to do more....but if only you had come in April instead of the end of March. 

Easter, i promise next year will be better...much better.

thanks for understanding. 
here is a picture of my sweet & very proud boy holding one of the diy bunnies we made over the weekend.
at least we did that right? 
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