all about the tile..

disregard the weird flooring under the charcoal tile, that is dust and subfloor...not an example of any of their finishes.
last week was sort of a whirlwind...not only did i go to our new house every day working out design details but i met with both of my clients to discuss tile options. 

at the beginning of the week, i met with my Willow clients to discuss flooring options. 
it's was a little over due but we were delayed because we had to go through many rounds of cabinet finishes to get the perfect one for my client..not her fault. once we had the right cabinet finish and samples of their granite countertops, we could settle on a floor. since most of their home has hardwood floors and their kitchen separates the old hardwood flooring from the new addition's hardwood flooring (built a couple years ago), the logical choice was not to try and match a hardwood but to use a different material...like a tile. after many e-mails, pictures and my clients picking up at least 15 floor samples, we picked a tile. it's a dark charcoal porcelain that kind of resembles a concrete floor.

i love how it looks with the other kitchen finishes,
speaking of other finishes. 
so the linear white glass tile pictured above (on the left) will be their backsplash, 
here is a picture of what it looks like installed..
isn't it pretty? i love it!
 the granite you see is called Bianco Antico. that's going to be their 2 1/2" thick countertop. my clients really love the look of thick granite! i am eager to see it installed! oh and let's not forget the cabinets, the custom gray walnut stained sample you see there is what delayed the whole floor selection process. ;)

the floor tile was laid this week and i am going over there tomorrow to help pick out paint colors so i hope to be able to snap some pictures! 

forgive my pictures, they were taken with my phone.

towards the end of the week, i met my Vidal client at a tile warehouse. i had never been to this warehouse before, they are a wholesaler so it wasn't like a typical tile showroom where most of the tiles are displayed in vignettes. the tiles were all boxed in crates and there were some samples just laying on top of each crate. 
i had to take Oliver with me and honestly, it made me really nervous. he does get bored sitting in the stroller for too long even if he has ample amount of toys, snacks and books. i worried that i wouldn't be able to get through all the rooms with my client like we had hoped. 
luck would  have it...the warehouse had a toy room! can you believe it? i couldn't! my sweet little guy played in there for two hours! i checked up on him every couple minutes to make sure he was ok and he was...
he was happy as a lamb. 
this meant, we were able to focus on the tile for each room. it was a win win! 
here are some of the tiles we played around with....
 classic marble for the master bathroom...
a porcelain tile (that i might just steal for Oliver's bath!) that looked amazing with her paint colors for the girl's bath but later she ended up falling for this more intricate tile...
she has two little girls and i think this is going to be so sweet with the handmade subway tile that will go in each of their showers. 
they didn't have any samples just yet since it was such a new product but this week, my client was able to get  some samples and she said they are beautiful! eek! 
we looked at using these for her laundry room. 
we are thinking of doing a pattern with them, something to give the laundry room some whimsy. 
still working on that.
we both love basket weave and were drawn to this one for her guest bathroom and possible 
the lower level bathroom. there were more tiles that we selected but i didn't get to snap pictures of them. 
we have a lot more to do of course but the transformation of this house is going to be amazing! i can not wait  to start seeing it all installed! 

selecting tile for these two projects has made me so excited to remodel our two "new" bathrooms. with all the work we are currently doing on the new house, there is no room in the budget for new bathrooms...but that is ok because i can take my time and really figure out what i want. 
so i have started pinning some ideas for both bathrooms (master & Oliver's). 
since my new house folder is private on pinterest 
(honestly i didn't want my friends who follow me to get sick of all my pins...
because i have been very "pin-happy"!)...
i will share these two with you!

i am in love with the top picture and i think (for now) that this is what i want our master bath to feel like. i think i would do a different style tile on the floor but it is beautiful isn't it?
 the second picture is so classic to me and perfect for a little boy to grow into. 
i adore the dark tile on the floor along with the marble subway on the walls. 
it's so fresh to me.

so..there is a little sneak peek...but my taste will more then likely change in the next year or two. 
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