let's go up

 yesterday, i showed you the lighting that we are replacing on the first floor,
let's talk about the second floor lighting ok? ok!
the picture above is not really about little O at the bottom but more about the light above him. again, it's not the greatest picture. maybe when we move in, i can take a better photo. for right now i am relying on the pictures i took before construction took place so sorry this is all i have peeps.
ok...back to my reason for showing this picture. the light in the hallway (both upstairs and downstairs) is really not bad. they (both upstairs and downstairs) are an antique brass fixture with a white glass shade. so i don't mind them. i think we might actually keep them. might. 
they do need a good cleaning since the are original but they remind me of this light fixture.
so we will see.
this is the upstairs bath. nothing really special about it. it's all white and eventually we are going to gut it. yes, i already have ideas on what i want to do in there but for now, we are touching up most of the eye sores. we had the mirror removed and that lovely horizontal fixture was taken down.
 honestly, i can't wait to remove that whole sink area...just looking at it drives me crazy but again..most of the eye sores are gone. so we bought a new mirror and two sconces for this bath that will hopefully help take your eyes off the lovely faux marble top.
in Oliver's room, there was only a ceiling fan with no light. so of course that had to come down.
i don't know about you but i have to have an ceiling fixture in a bedroom.
in the guest bedroom, i think the previous owner was a little conflicted on what he wanted. fan or light..well why not both. not sure if he had ever heard of a light kit on a fan. probably not right?
as you probably already guessed...they both were removed.
so now that  you've seen all the old fixtures..let's look a the new ones!
1. this is the new guest bedroom fixture...simple and clean. nuff said.
2. i love this light. it's for the laundry room. i found it after looking through the numerous Restoration Hardware catalogs i got in the mail. since there is an ceiling attic access in the small laundry room, we had to look for a wall sconce. we needed a fixture that would have a low profile, a metal finish and something that would not get easily broken if it one of us accidentally hit it while accessing the attic. perfect right?  
3. Oliver's bathroom is going to have a set of these sconces. i think they will be adorable..or at least i hope they will be! they are directional..again i love that in a bathroom. they are kind of boyish which is great for O but they aren't overly masculine so perfect for the guests too. 
4. you might remember me telling you about the Ikea light that we originally picked out for Oliver's room here. well we ended up with this smaller black fixture from World Market. honestly i think i've been under a rock. i haven't been to a WM in years! i had seen quite a few posts about all the new goods at WM and decided to check them out. i went on a shopping trip (by myself!) one Saturday and saw the fixture in person. i knew it would be perfect for his new room so i scooped it up! word of caution though...if you do get a light fixture from WM, don't forget to pick up a light kit! the lady who helped me get the pendant box down forgot to mention that the light kit was not included. oops!
So there is our lights for the second floor. tomorrow...they will be installed! eek..so excited!
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