friday foto (s)

yesterday after the painters left, i quickly ran to the mall with O and picked up some makeup that i ran out of. we had a half an hour before we needed to head back home for nap time so i stopped in at Anthro and ended up walking out with this jewel around my neck.
(sorry they don't show this one online.)
before i sign off for the weekend..i have to show you all a couple photos of my boy.
he's changing so quickly and turning into such a big boy. it's been a lot of fun seeing his transformation. he's such a ham and is saying the funniest things lately.
like yesterday at the mall, he was eating a sandwich and he turns and looks at me and says...
"nice to meet you mommy."
that's my silly boy!
trying new things with his bike.
i know..i need to get him a helmet like now.
living next to the university has made our afternoons so much easier. we kill time before b gets home by just wondering the campus. O loves it and has a blast.
as if you couldn't tell from this picture.
railings are so in right now...did you know?
this is my favorite. he had to have his shades on..it was clearly sunny out...but then he needed his "working" gloves on too. he said his lawn mower was broke and he was fixing it.
 plastic mowers are so unreliable these days..right?
Happy Friday!
have a great weekend!

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