weekend recap (late addition)

we love elephants!
where's O?
O and G&G C.
riding the train.
being silly.
"don't think about touching my chocolate ice cream, mommy!"
mmm...chocolate donut. O's favorite.

checking out the view.
investigating the drain.
my big boy.
b, o and b's dad
oh yes...those are two movie ticket stubs!
"auger driller" as O calls this.
this picture makes me laugh...looks like O has daisy dukes on. he-he...i assure you..he doesn't.
little boy...big path.
the train bridge we used to frequent in our old "hood".
trying to catch a train going under the bridge.
beautiful (but hot!) day for a stroll.
eeek! we are at the mall...alone!

as you can see, our weekend was pretty eventful. we had b's parents down for an extended weekend visit (their first visit of the year and our first overnight guests at the new house!).
 O was in heaven with all the attention.
we took grandma and grandpa C to a ton of our favorite restaurants, parks and of course the local zoo.
it was fun! as always the weekend went super fast. 
while b's parents were in town, we did manage to squeeze in two "dates".
can i just tell you...
it was amazing!
 on Saturday night, after O was in bed, b and i snuck out to see the new superman movie. 
we hadn't been to the movie in AGES.
we. loved. every. minute. of. it!
during nap time on Sunday, we snuck out again to go to the mall.
i had two shirts to exchange and b's parents suggested that we both go while they stayed home.
in the 14 months that Oliver has been home, we had only been out on a "date" three times.
if you do the math...that's 1 every 4 1/2 months.
b and i both agreed on Saturday night that date nights were a must from here on out!
it was a good weekend and i am so happy O got to spend time with b's parents.
thanks again L & K for letting us experience some couple time! ;)
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