friday foto


my little guy is one happy camper when it comes to being outside..just as long as there are no bugs. 

he will play with his lawn mower, his bike, his jeep, his car, balls, buckets, bubbles..you name it...but when there is a bug some where close to his things or him...forget it! 

the other day, we were standing on the front porch. he had a book to read and i had my paint swatches ready to look at front door colors when all of a sudden a bumble bee decided to come over and say hi. my brave little boy started screaming and crying and turned into a blubbering mess. at first i had no idea why he was doing this until i turned around and saw the buzzing bee. after i shooed away the bee and picked him up to cuddle him, O wanted to have nothing to do with sitting on the front porch. if i put him down, the horrific cries would start again. so i went and got him a chair. 
a simple folding chair, that's all and the cries stopped. he was happy again, he sat on the chair with a smile. did he read his book? no, but he did keep a look out for all those "bugs". :)

hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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