weekend recap

on friday, i got to wear jeans!
 i know..i know...it's summer, you should be wearing skirts and shorts but it was low 80's and there was a breeze! 
a breeze people...that is unheard of here in Atlanta! ;)

so i have to admit, i am not a big fan of shorts. 
i wear them because i have to, i live in the South..it's a must...but i don't care for them. 
i just have never felt comfortable in shorts and i've never been good at styling summer clothes either. 
i find it really hard. crazy right? 

i guess i'm more comfortable with layers and jeans. 

any who...let's get on with the recap shall we?

friday night, there was an event up at the square that we have never gone to. it's more for kids so i guess that's why we've never been interested in it. 
so we packed up the stroller and walked to the square with our little one. 
can you guess the theme? 

Beach Party!

there were food trucks and bouncy houses but Oliver didn't care for anything but the sand. 
before we let him get his fun on..we walked over to Sushi Ave and grabbed a bite to eat. 
after our yummy dinner, we let him play until he was too hot to move. 

the "sandbox" was about a block long and it was filled to the rim with parents and kiddos. we found a spot, probably the one that no one wanted because it was right in the afternoon sun. 
he loved it. he could have played longer but that sun was just baking on us all. 
doesn't he look like he's four? a little glimpse of the future. :)
so we decided it was time to leave. 
before we headed back home, we all grabbed a King of Pops popsicle to cool off.
mmm...love their flavors!

on Saturday, we went and bought a breakfast table. it wasn't the one we had planned on buying but it felt right and adding a little pop of color excited us so we went for it. oh and i will be showing before and "after" kitchen/breakfast area pics tomorrow so i guess this is a little bit of a sneak peek!

during nap time, b and i snuck outside to work on the front of the house. we had been itching to clean up some things and so while b worked on the front bushes, i worked on front door paint selections. 
as much as i love this blue, i am just not feeling it. so i will be getting some new samples this week and hopefully finishing the front door. 
b worked really hard clearing bags and bags full of pine straw and just crud from the front yard.
 i need to snap some pictures to show you the before and after work. it's really an improvement and we don't feel like such an eye sore anymore. 

Sunday, i took b (and O) to a new coffee shop for a Father's Day breakfast.
i had tested the place out earlier last week with Oliver and the food was amazing so i had to bring b back. 
i didn't get to snap too many pictures of b and o together on Sunday, we were so busy talking about the things we wanted to do that day.

i had been giving b his Father's Day gifts pretty much all weekend long. 

on Friday night when he decided to start hanging some art, i gave him his "big" gift. 
a new drill which he loved! 

on Saturday, while working on the front yard clean-up, i gave him his new pair of outdoor gloves.


 before breakfast on Sunday, he received the new basketball and "car" from Oliver. 

after Oliver was down for his nap, guess where we headed?
back out to the front of the house. 
we were craving more clean up.

-don't worry, i didn't make him work. i had asked b what he wanted to do on Sunday and
 he said he wanted to work on the house...so that is what we did!

i had borrowed a power spray from my friend (and new neighbor), Alyssa on Saturday so we decided to try it out. 

we got to work cleaning off the front steps. 
i forgot to take a before picture...but here is one from a week ago...
notice the steps? eww...aren't they gross? 
it's paint! 
can you see the difference? b had already worked on the top step. 
crazy huh?
and here they are all sprayed off. so much better!

after the steps were done, he started on the side walk. 

once i have the front door painted, i will snap some pictures and share all of the work we did this weekend.

Happy Monday!
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